From baker to data analyst: The Ministry of Digital Transformation launches Diia.Education with the support of and the East Europe Foundation

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On May 17, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launched a large-scale project called Diia.Education. This is a national edutainment platform of relevant knowledge and skills where users can study for free, learn new professions, and find jobs.

Diia.Education is the next stage in the evolution of the Diia.Digital Education project, which was launched in 2020 and focused on digital skills and digital literacy. Since then, almost 2 million Ukrainians have registered on the platform, and about 75% of users have watched all the episodes of their chosen course and received certificates. Now this initiative is becoming even more global.

"While the war in Ukraine is ongoing, the world is not standing still and is actively developing. Our main challenge is the development of human capital. Currently, almost 5 million IDPs are registered in Ukraine. According to international estimates, it is about 7 million people. Millions of people have lost their jobs or closed their businesses and are forced to start life from scratch. The government's task is to create favorable conditions for this. That is why we are launching the updated Diia.Education platform, supported by We want everyone to have the opportunity to acquire new skills and take a step towards a new profession," —  said Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Now Diia.Education has 50 new educational series on different professions: from landscape design to barista, from graphic designer to baker, from project manager to packer. Educational series on digital literacy or cybersecurity also remain available on the platform. Absolutely all of them are free and accessible to everyone and will always remain so.

"We are delighted to contribute to the successful re-launch of Diia.Education with the support of a $ 2 million grant and a team of Fellows. This initiative will help millions of Ukrainians find employment in these challenging times —  from learning new skills to discovering new career opportunities," — commented  Karan Bhatia, Google Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs.

Each educational product was prepared by experts, taking into account the new European Adult Learning Agenda for 2021-2030, an important document approved by the Council of the European Union.

The complete list of professions and areas of study is available on the portal, and this list will be constantly updated. Priority is given to occupations that are in demand in the labor market. Upon successful completion of the training, everyone receives a certificate that can be added to their resume.

Actual knowledge of Diia.Education is taught in the form of educational series, microlearning with stop-lessons, podcasts, webinars, guides, and many courses presented by experts, well-known stars, and opinion leaders. The user can choose a personalized learning trajectory to learn not only in a linear manner but also to decide which episodes of which series would be helpful for them. Educational series are aimed at all key target audiences of all ages. 

In addition to the theoretical part, learners can take simulations with real tasks that employees face in various fields. A simulator is a tool that simulates a real work situation and allows the user to try out the role of a professional by answering questions from an expert. After the answer is chosen, the expert will explain which one is correct.

We believe in practical cooperation between the government, business, and the public sector, especially when it comes to the labor market. The content must meet the needs of employers. That is why all simulations and series were created in cooperation with leading industry representatives. Among them are technology companies: Ajax Systems, EPAM, Ciklum, LUN, Stfalcon, SendPulse, UnitCity, Vaimo, Support your app, SEO for Media; educational initiatives: Bazilik, Projector Creative & Tech Institute, Beetroot Academy; representatives of the business development ecosystem: Entrepreneurship and Export Development Office, Diia.Business; media and communication business: TWO MORE ROWS, Quadrate 28, Dentsu Ukraine, Kunsht; clothing brands: Etnodim, RITO, Motrya; restaurant and gastronomy business: Lviv Croissants, Silpo, SPELTA, Market Culture, 1708 Pizza di Napoli; public organizations: AFNU, CFNU; beauty industry: G.Bar, FIRM; job search sites: Jooble,, Also, Anastasiia Stepanova, SOCAR Energy Ukraine, MHP, Nova Poshta, Botanic Market, AGROMAT national chain of tile and sanitary ware stores, League of Masters platform, Balbek bureau, Uberem, Sales Audit, Pukhnastyi pet store, and grooming salon, Zablotskyi Clinic, and Klovsky Garden.

The website will also offer a career guidance test to help those who have not yet decided on their dream job and those looking for a new career opportunity. After answering 94 questions, the users will receive a guideline to help them find professions that match their abilities and talents.

"According to the United Nations, almost 60% of Ukrainian internally displaced people are of working age, and many are unemployed. Changing activities and learning new skills to start or continue a career is extremely important now. Thanks to a team of Fellows and the East Europe Foundation, our platform will introduce the audience to new digital professions, help to acquire or improve skills on specific topics, and find open vacancies in the target region for the user,”—  said Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration.

All content on the Diia.Education platform is optimized for both computers and mobile devices. The platform itself complies with the principles of web accessibility. The interface has been designed with clear, legible fonts, high color contrast, and a simple layout to make it easier to navigate for people with cognitive or visual impairments. The platform also provides alternative text for images, subtitles for videos, and audio descriptions for multimedia content to make it accessible to users with visual or hearing impairments.

"The East Europe Foundation always tries to respond quickly to the urgent needs of society and support initiatives that effectively overcome acute challenges. The launch of the updated Diia.Education is one such initiative. I really hope that the platform will help millions of Ukrainians to acquire new knowledge and skills and find jobs, and Ukraine will share effective digital solutions with the world," — said Victor Liakh, President of the East Europe Foundation.

After watching the series, a person can see current vacancies for their chosen profession. Jooble,, and have become partners in the new job search section. Vacancies from these websites are integrated into the platform, allowing users who have watched certain series to find their first job in a new profession.

"The European Union Advisory Mission welcomes the relaunch of the Diia.Education platform. This is an important initiative that pays particular attention to digital security. We all use the Internet every day to solve a wide variety of issues: from work to leisure, from studying to communicating with loved ones. Thanks to the Internet, we raise charitable funds and save lives. Unfortunately, the online space also attracts cybercriminals. That's why prevention is an important and effective way to reduce the negative impact of crime and harmful content on the Internet. The multimillion audience of Diia.Education will have access to up-to-date advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. The European Union Advisory Mission stands ready to continue supporting the initiatives of Ukrainian partners that strengthen the digital security of Ukrainians," — emphasized Mikko Groenberg, Acting Head of EUAM Ukraine's Operations Department.

Diia.Education is a platform that can be useful not only for Ukrainians. All content is also available in English. Free education on the platform for foreigners is our way of helping taxpayers from other countries who support Ukraine in this difficult time. For Ukrainians, it is an additional opportunity to improve their English.

The platform has been updated at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation with the support of and the East Europe Foundation.

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